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We WorldBlast Co., Ltd contributes to the surface treatment market of all industries from the machinery business department, the new material projecting material business, the surface treatment & shot business department, the peeling business department through the introduction and development of accumulated know-how and advanced technology of surface treatment technology. We are making efforts to reach the global company of Blast Surface Treatment Market.

We will cooperate with labor union and common vision and grow into a sincere company. In addition, we will continue to research and develop the current blast machines and abrasives with various products and grow into a global company that can stand up to the world market. We always promise to provide better service by serving our customers first.
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- Main mail : worldblast@naver.com
- Overseas mail : worldblastgroup1201@naver.com
- Machinery division : worldblast02@naver.com
- Foundry division : world-rs@naver.com
- Peelingdivision : worldmove@naver.com
- Abrasive materials division : worldabrasive@naver.com
Head office & 1st factory : #1007-2, Naesam-ri, Juchon-myun, Kimhae-city, Kyungsangnam-do, Korea
2nd factory : 42, Yongdam-ri, Naeseo-yup, Masan-ku, Changwon-city, Kyungsangnam-do, Korea
Factory: Lot 17, New Urben Area, Tran Cho, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
Office: Lot B78, Quy Che Residential Area, Dong Ngan Ward, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh, Vietanm
Mobile : +84 93 799 8727         E-mail: zivlee@naver.com         Tax Code. 2301 055 623
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