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Machinery Division
Mini Blast Cabinet Blast High Pressure Blast Auto Turn Table Blast Index Type Blast Apron Type Blast Apron Shot Type Blast
Conveyor Type Blast Freezing Shot Deburring Water JET Blast Micro Blast Auto Air Shot Peening Blast In-Out Pipe Mold Cleaning Blast
Paint Booth Portable Blast Hanger Type Air Blast Hanger Shot Blast Shot Room Round Shot Vaccum Blast Dust Collector
It is a direct-pressurized equipment that blasting by increasing air pressure. itis a blasting machine with excellent workability such as shaking out the sand from casting and paint removal. It is more than three times more efficient than inhaled blast.
- Mounting Turn Table
- Mounting caster
- Ultra high pressure blasting treatment
- Shaking out the sand from casting
- Elimination of debris that cannot be treated withgeneral sanding machines
- Peeling the stuck parts
Product Features
- Fast workability due to fast flow rate
- Equipped with large capacity filter
- Convenient workability
- Integrated dust collector

Overall size Workspace Door Size Power consumption Air consumption
1450W × 1350L × 2200H 850W × 800L × 800H 600W × 600H 2.2kW 1.7㎥ / MIN(15HP)
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